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Strategy and concepts, the basis of creative thinking

As this is our first Blog entry, we thought we would start by sharing our thoughts about the first step in the creative process – strategy and concept.

When looking at any creative delivery, whether TVC’s, promos, advertising, branding, architecture, corporate communications, apps or websites you often have an initial, emotional and inspiring connection or experience with the piece of communication. What I would like to briefly explore is where this connection or experience comes from.

As creators of these pieces of communication or experiences the challenge is, I believe, to create something that is relevant to the client, their values and in line with what are they trying to achieve. All whilst creating something memorable and engaging, that creates an emotional connection with the clients end users.

I believe the simple answer to achieving this is strategy and concept. A strategy and concept might be phrased in a visual way, metaphorically or created with a lot of theoretical or academic based thinking, but in the end they all perform the same task.

A concept with a good strategy allows the creative to always fall back onto a solid and stable base, which the final piece of messaging can build its story on. This fallback is a great reference point as you move through the project and begin creating and designing deliverables that will be present in the final iteration. This doesn’t mean that the concept needs to stay static, the concept will naturally evolve and develop as the project develops, and as deliverables take shape, they will help mature the basis of the concept.

Without this foundation, the project can easily lose its way, with the final outcome lacking direction, and the end user not experiencing this emotional connection.

What I’m getting at is that any person working in the creative sphere requires this strategic or conceptual foundation to truly hone in on the final outcome of the product or communication. Without the foundation that piece of creative will in all likelihood just be a shot in the dark, with no clear direction or purpose of the final outcome.

Have a look at the below videos I have selected that highlight this idea of strategy and concept as the basis of creative thinking. Each one has a foundation that the end product communicates, and the creative keeps pointing back at that core concept to create a truly engaging piece of creative communication.

We look forward to sharing more insights and explorations with you on our Blog in the coming months.

Estian & The Kinetic